Web server set up

FAQ – General

How do I display the data in my Internet browser in the course of a measuring process?

First create a HTML page to be displayed during the measuring process:

<title>Webserver Test</title>
<h1>Webserver Test</h1>
<TABLE border=”1″>
<TD style=”WIDTH: 114px”><b>Wert</b></TD>
The first highlighted line causes the browser to reload the page every second.

The web server implemented in MLab will interpret all strings starting with [# and ending with #] as placeholders and substitute them in the sample page as follows:

The placehholder prefixed by L: becomes the name of the data set x_ad1.
The placehholder prefixed by D: becomes the current value of the data set x_ad1.
The placehholder prefixed by U: becomes the unit of the data set x_ad1.

Next, please activate the web server and identify the HTML page to the web server:

You will find the appropriate dialog under the menu item list Erweitert/Erweitert/WebServer… (Extended properties/Extended/Web server)


In this example, it is assumed that the previously created HTML page was saved as c:MLabWebServerWebserverTest.html

Activate the web server by checking the top box.
 HTML-Pfad (HTML path) defines the folder that holds the HTML pages for the project.
 Startseite (Start page) is the page displayed on calling the server, if no other page is specified.

You can now test the web server by starting a browser on a computer that has MLab, and entering localhost into the address bar (please note: MLab must be in the online mode for the web server to be activated).