Data Acquisition

MLab – Data acquisition and control system

MLab is a universal data acquisition and control system. It is capable of simultaneously logging measurement data from different data sources (analog, digital, CAN, Ethernet, etc.). The software acquires, processes, visualizes, and stores data in real time. A multitude of action modules makes it easy to individually and flexibly adapt your measurement  tasks.

The strength of the software lies in its ease of use, made possible by its graphical tree structure. This contains all parameters that are necessary for your measurement and control tasks, for instance channel configuration, action modules, formulas, and graphical objects. A formula interpreter allows for convenient online calculations.

Action modules are provided for more complex tasks, such as limit value control, online rainflow, or set value correction. Action lists additionally make it possible to implement individual algorithms. The output of load sequences created by MWave is a further option.


Options for MLab

Online-FFT Analysis methods: Amplitude spectrum, amplitude density, RMS spectrum, power spectral density (PSD).
Single-channel online bin analysis (DIN 45667) Analysis methods: Random, dwell time, peak I/II/III, level crossing.
Online strain gauge rosettes analysis Support of different rosettes types.
Online FIR filtering Filtering methods: Low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, bandstop. Window and Kaiser design.
Video acquisition Acquisition and storage of video sequences. Storage of still images depending on the hardware. System requirements: DirectX 9 compatible camera, installed DirectX 9 NOTE: The option does not include camera. You can also use DirectX 9 compatible web-cams or cam recorders.
Online map option Displays the GPS location on a map. Simultaneous display of measured data and the GPS position on a map. The maps must be purchased separately. System requirements: Installed Microsoft MapPoint and/or customized maps (e.g. TIF or JPG format).
Single-channel online rainflow bin analysis Online bin analysis with the rainflow method.
Single-channel control signal output Step test, Random amplitude, output of measured and extreme values.
Single-channel rainflow reconstruction Single-channel reconstruction of rainflow matrices with residuum.
Single-channel output peak control Closed loop peak control for all peak output modules.
MWave execution module Execution of MWave test programs designed with the MWave editor.
TestControl extension Extends the MLab standard package with the TestControl language.

Optional drivers

Driver for QICSpeed/MicroSAT Driver for the serial connection of QIC-Speed/MicroSAT. Action module for braking and acceleration tests.
Driver for CAN devices – data acquisition and signal output Connection to the CAN driver systems of Vector Informatik, Kvaser, Softing and Sorcus.
Driver for QUASAR Driver for QUASAR from CAEWEISZ / CAESAR.
Driver for MGC Plus TCP/IP driver for the MGC Plus for data acquisition via ethernet.
Driver for HCE2 Connection for the open loop controller device HCE2 from Bosch REXROTH.
DDI driver connection for InterbusS Connection to the Phoenix-DDI driver for InterbusS.
ProfibusDP driver connection Connection to the ProfibusDP driver for the SiemensDP devices 5611 and 5613 and to Hilscher devices.
Ethercat-Master driver connection Ethercat-Master driver, configuration via configuration file.