Data Sheets Software

MLab: Measuring and controlling with Windows

MLab is a universal measurement data acquisition and control system for Windows. It acquires, processes, visualizes, and outputs data in real time.

MLab Datasheet

MGraph: Intuitive data analysis

MGraph is our graphical evaluation software for technical data that makes it possible to analyse even very large data set volumes going up to the gigabyte range, and still work effectively.

MGraph Datasheet

PLab: Measurements made simple

PLab is an easy-to-use data logging program for Windows. It acquires, processes, and visualizes data in real time. Unlike MLab PLab is reduced to the essential functions. User-friendlyness stands above a host of features.

PLab Datasheet

Hardware supported by MLab/PLab

MLab and PLab are principally independent from specific hardware manufacturers. Our programs support a multitude of devices from different manufacturers and the standard bus systems, too.

Hardware Support Datasheet