Software Overview

sd.Solutions – our solution for your measurement tasks and testing technology

The sd.Solutions Suite consists of the following components

MLab MLab is a universal data acquisition and control system. It is capable of simultaneously logging measurement data from different data sources (analog, digital, CAN, Ethernet, etc.). The software acquires, processes, visualizes, and stores data in real time. A multitude of action modules makes it easy to individually and flexibly adapt your measurement tasks.
MGraph MGraph is a versatile solution for visualization and data evaluation. MGraph is strong on evaluating large data volumes quickly and intuitively. This includes processing, illustrating, and presenting the data through easily accessible mechanisms. It is possible to input and evaluate various data formats (measurement data, videos, images, etc.).
MLab MWave is a graphical editor that generates measurement signals for single- and multi-axis test stands. A measurement signal can be composed both of simple signal modules (sine, triangle, etc.) and of complex modules such as classifying matrices, amplitude and frequency sweeps, multiple-stage tests, and measurement data files. The process can be controlled using loops, logical decisions, and limit values.
TestControl TestControl is a universal tool for providing test rig control systems and for controlling the visualization of test processes. We use a process-oriented programming language, making it possible to create complex processes within a short time. These processes can be performed both in sequence and in parallel. All tasks can be carried out in real time. Example: Measuring a channel, calculating a new quantity, and subsequent output to the test rig.